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"The very idea that there is another idea is something gained"
- Richard Jefferies (1848-1887)

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Evolution, Form and Function of Organisms
Course Materials

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I've posted the lecture after versions through #6 - so sorry for the delay!!  Don't forget the SI times are also posted.
SI is cancelled for next Tuesday, with new material the rest of that week.
The extra credit exam review sessions will be the week of the 23rd.

My students last fall asked for this information, and I decided to keep it in place as a service to you.
Congressional Contact Number: 202-224-3121
Here's the video I show on our first day of class.  Please share!  This is powerful spoken art!  I've linked another by the same artist.
The second one tends to start in the middle - just drag back to the beginning for the entire video.

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Jean Everett, Ph.D.
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Fall 2017 Syllabus - revised post-Irma
Learning Goals and Objectives for General Education
Lecture Outlines
Lecture PowerPoints
Lab Safety Policy
Summer II Handouts

Supplemental Instruction
Study Tips    More Study Tips
Compiled List of Key Concepts
Biology Department Study Guides
Grading Formula (requires Excel)
Extra Credit Opportunities
The Current Time!

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Interested in field research with Dr. Everett? on the look out for cogongrass.....DANGER

How to request an Absence Memo

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YOUR SI LEADER - Andrea DeLong
I strongly encourage you to attend SI sessions regularly, right from the beginning of the semester.  These are peer-to-peer work sessions that will both sharpen your study skills and deepen your understanding of the material.  Most SI leaders have taken my class and have done an outstanding job.  Most of our SI leaders have typically spent a lot of time in SI themselves, and have learned how to apply knowledge to answer complex questions.  Your SI leader will have plenty of examples of the application oriented questions that I use on exams, and will help you learn how to work through these questions so that YOU TOO can become successful!  And remember -  in general, our SI leaders have a track record of increasing exam scores by 10+ points for regular SI attendants!!!!

Tuesday, 6-7pm, 322 Maybank
Wednesday, 7-8pm, 127 SSMB
Thursday, 8-9pm, 127 SSMB

be there or be square

Extra Credit Opportunities - see below for more

Type a brief summary of the event, including how it helped you.  All extra credit is due on the last day of classes,
though I encourage you to write up your experiences while they are still fresh in your mind.  All extra credit work MUST be typed.


I strongly encourage you to attend these seminars.  Many students have told me that they "thought they knew how to study" until they got into my class.
This class requires a great deal of critical, analytical thinking and the application of knowledge to solve problems.  Straight memorization DOES NOT WORK!
My students have often told me that these seminars helped them prepare for this new way of thinking and learning.

These are really valuable seminars!!!


Check their website for current schedule.

Center for Student Learning

Addlestone Library, Room 116

205 Calhoun Street

Charleston, S.C. 29401


Phone: 843.953.5635


Front Office Hours:

Mon. Fri., 8:30 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

Attend any of these seminars and turn in a brief, typed summary for extra credit!

More Extra Credit Opportunities:

Keep checking back.....I'll add in events as I learn about them.  Let me know if you have a suggestion for an EC opportunity.

Standing offers:

Biology Department Seminars, most Monday's at noon, but I don't know where yet!  We are still disrupted.

Darwin Week - any event, spring semester only - look for flyers and the website

Any volunteer service to help the community.  Type up notes about your experience and how it might relate to biology.  Everything does :)

Read and critique any biology-oriented primary literature paper or some of the many books on evolution (see Jerry Coyne) or other science
or service books.

Make a REAL contribution to science through the Folding@Home project, run by Stanford University.
This is a distributed computing project that essentially links many personal computers together to make
a gigantic super-duper-supercomputer.  The project is working to determine how proteins fold, or don't.....

Get engaged in a new internet-based service community, Hope+.  The project has just finished beta testing, and will be developing
ideas on how YOU can be engaged in Hope+Action=Change projects.

A few years ago I read an astonishing commentary on world poverty and hunger.  I want you to know what is really
going on with 44% of the world's population.  Yes, I said 44%.  Think in terms of 44% of your family!  Click on this pdf file,
and put the word "generational" in the search line.  Or else, scroll to page 21.  Read every word of this commentary and
give me some non-trivial feedback.  What can you do?  What WILL you do? 

Reprinted with much appreciated permission from the
CSA News magazine,
April 2009. Copyright ASA-CSSA-SSSA

Shadowing opportunities!  Our dentist and oral surgeon have expressed eager willingness to have
student shadows!  Both are outstanding practitioners.  Contact their offices directly to try to work out
times and places.
    Dentist: Dr. Jeff Bayme
  Oral Surgeon: Dr. Lon Doles or

My physical therapist has also offered to be shadowed - and this is important for admission into advanced training programs.
     Marilyn Swygert, Charleston Physical Therapy

though I encourage you do turn it in as you complete it

LECTURE OUTLINES - you will need Microsoft Word to open these, and make sure they look like outlines!  If they don't, email me for a copy.

  #1: Darwinian evolution
  #2: Evolution of populations
  #3: The origin of species

  #4: Plant structure, growth and development
        EXTRA - Annotated outline with figure numbers, page numbers and Google Image search terms
  #5: Vascular plant transport
Plant nutrition and soils
        EXTRA - Soil Forming Factors Handout
  #7: Angiosperm reproduction

  #8: Animal form and function
  #9: Animal osmoregulation
#10: Animal nutrition and digestion
#11: Animal circulation and gas exchange
#12: Animal immune system
#13: Animal nervous system

If we have time.....
#14: The endocrine system
#15: Animal reproduction
#16: Animal development
#17: Sensory and motor mechanisms

SUMMER II HANDOUTS - academic year students may find these helpful

  1 - Darwinian Evolution
  2 - Evolution of Populations
  3 - Plant Cells
  4 - Plant Tissues
  5 - Organization of Plant Tissues into Organs
  6 - Woody Plant Structure
  7 - Water Transport
  8 - Plant Nutrition and Soils
  9 - Angiosperm Reproduction
10 - Animal Structure and Function
11 - Animal Digestive Systems
12 - Animal Circulatory Systems
13 - Animal Respiratory Systems
14a - The Plant Walk
14b - The Aquarium Field Trip
15 - Animal Osmoregulation and Excretion Systems

LECTURE POWERPOINTS- you will need Microsoft PowerPoint to open these
NOTE: all graphics have been removed to reduce file size and protect copyrights.
You can find similar graphics by using an image search engine.
  I will be editing these PowerPoints
throughout the semester, so be sure you are using a current version.

Please consider our environment before you choose to print these - many of them are very large files.
It would be most thoughtful to just keep them on your computer.
If you feel compelled to print them, please print at least 6 slides per page.

  #1: Darwinian evolution - before, after
  #2: Evolution of populations
- before, after
  #3: The origin of species - before, after

  #4: Plant structure, growth and development - before, after
Vascular plant transport - before, after
Plant nutrition and soils - before, after
  #7: Angiosperm reproduction
- before, after  Please let me know if you cannot download this file and I will email you a copy.
There is something corrupted in the file, and I can't figure out what.  Some people can download it, some can't.

  #8: Animal form and function - before, after
#9: Animal osmoregulation - before, after
#10: Animal nutrition and digestion - before, after
#11: Animal circulation and gas exchange - before, after
#12: Animal immune system - before, after
#13: The animal nervous system - before, after


Grading Formula

The link is to the Excel formula that I use to calculate your grades.  It is a complicated formula.
Enter your grades in the empty cells.  Do not fuss with the formula cells.  If you change ANY of
the formulas or leave out any data, I cannot guarantee your results will be accurate.  This file
assumes 13 quizzes, and does not account for excused absences.  The mid-term grade assumes
8 quizzes and 2 exams.  I will account for excused absences at final grades.  Let me know if you have questions!

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