Links to some other cool sites:
email me if you find sites you think the rest of the class would enjoy and find useful

The Current Weather in Charleston
Regional Weather and Good Predictions (no hype)
Tropical Weather
The Current Tides - we flood when the tide goes over 7'; some areas flood at lower tides.  High tide + rain = flood.

Unbiased News:
The New York Times - 10 free articles a month
National Public Radio
The League of Women Voters

Study guides: - many good tips for studying - tips especially for test-taking

Berkeley Evolution Information - this site gives very good explanations of evolutionary processes, and discusses many misconceptions about Darwinian evolution
The National Center for Science Education - many links to informative sites that explain evolution
Palomar Community College - an excellent review
Talk Origins - this is a site devoted to discussing the Creation/Evolution controversy

Plant Structure and Function: - good general information + be sure to see all the additional links! - The home page of a botany professor in Connecticut - lots of good links - more specific information on root systems - sugar maple sap flow

Angiosperm Reproduction:
Gametophyte development - this comes from a small private college in Maryland.  The information that I reviewed is correct, but I did not look at the entire site.

Animal Structure and Function: - University of Minnesota site with self tests on human organ systems.  It has not been updated since 2005, so be a little careful.