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Interactive Soils Maps -
The USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service -

South Carolina State Parks (I can only make this work in IE) -
SC Department of Natural Resources -
SCDNR Heritage Preserves -

The USDA Plants Database -
The Atlas of the SC Flora - dot maps like in Radford, but more up to date -

Systematics websites - these have pictures, family descriptions, species descriptions, conservation information, etc   (this site is especially good for images)  (another good site for images, and cultivation info - mostly ornamentals) (this is a great site for images of wildflowers in the Southeast, plus lots of other information and a simple key)

The International Code of Botanical Nomenclature -

Conservation Organizations
    The Nature Conservancy -
    Ducks Unlimited -
    The Sierra Club -
    The Natural Resources Defense Council -
    The National Wildlife Federation -
    The Virginia Conservation Network -

The South Carolina Native Plant Society website -

A naturalist consulting company's page with tons of great information on natural history, jobs, etc. -

Carnivorous Plants

An interesting site on roadside vegetation management -

Pest Management from NCSU -

The US Forest Service website -

The Ecological Society of America website -

The Soil Science Society of America website -

A geology site maintained by a geology textbook publisher -

Bob Peet's site - Dr. Peet is one of the better known plant ecologists in the southeast -