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Anki - a flash card program for studying

Systematics websites - these have pictures, family descriptions, species descriptions, conservation information, distribution maps, etc
    Weakley's in-progress flora for the Carolinas and Virginia
    The USDA Plants Database
    The SC Plant Atlas - first click to open the updated version (bright red "new" link), then be sure to click the download arrow way to the right at the bottom of the gray box.  The link on the left does not work.
    Jeff Pippen (Duke U) websites
    Will Cook (Duke U) websites
    Name that Plant ID site

    Invasives in the Southeast   (this site is especially good for images)  (another good site for images, and cultivation info - mostly ornamentals) (this is a great site for images of wildflowers in the Southeast, plus lots of other information and a simple key) - this site includes PowerPoint files that describe plant families, illustrated with photograph

Glossaries: - this site has many terms illustrated with diagrams and photographs! - this is a pretty comprehensive Australian site - this site has tons of information on systematics as well as a glossary

The International Code of Botanical Nomenclature -

The USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service -

Conservation Organizations
    The Nature Conservancy -
    Ducks Unlimited -
    The Sierra Club -
    The Natural Resources Defense Council -
    The National Wildlife Federation -
    The Virginia Conservation Network -

The South Carolina Native Plant Society website -

A naturalist consulting company's page with tons of great information on natural history, jobs, etc. -

Carnivorous Plants

The Texas Rose Rustlers -

An interesting site on roadside vegetation management -

Pest Management from NCSU -

The US Forest Service website -

The Ecological Society of America website -

The Soil Science Society of America website -

A geology site maintained by a geology textbook publisher -

Bob Peet's site - Dr. Peet is one of the better known plant ecologists in the southeast -

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