BIOL 301, PLANT TAXONOMY LAB -- Species List for Transitional and Bottomland Hardwoods and Fresh and Brackish Marsh at Caw Caw Interpretive Center
27 March 2017
Aceraceae Acer rubrum * red maple Leaves Leaves, closer Leaf arrangement Immature leaves Samaras Young bark Mature bark Flowers Distant habit in flower
Anacardiaceae Rhus radicans Toxicodendron radicans poison ivy Leaves Vine with adventitious roots
Arecaceae Sabal minor * dwarf palmetto Habit in bud Habit with immature fruits
Ericaceae Rhododendron canescens * wild azalea Habit in flower Flowers, closer
Euphorbiaceae Sapium sebiferum Triadica sebifera popcorn tree Habit in bud Leaves Immature fruits Seedlings
Fagaceae Castanea pumila * chinqupin Habit in flower Leaves Fruit
Lemnaceae Spirodela polyrhiza * duckweed Whole plant
Lemnaceae Wolffiella floridana W. gladiata bogmat Whole plant Duckweeds, habit
Lentibulariaceae Utricularia inflata * floating bladderwort Habit in pond Flowers Floats
Poaceae Arundinaria gigantea * switch cane Leaves Habit Habit at pond edge
Poaceae Erianthus giganteus Saccharum giganteum giant beard grass Distant habit Inflorescences Inflorescences, closer Erianthus, S. cynosuroides surrounding
Poaceae Spartina cynosuroides * giant cordgrass Distant habit Panicle Panicle
Saururaceae Saururus cernuus * lizard's tail Leaves Habit in flower Fruits
Typhaceae Typha latifolia * cat-tails Habit Base of leaves Mature inflorescence Fruit remnants
Vitaceae Parthenocissus quinquefolia * Virginia creeper Leaves Habit Flowers Fruits
Vitaceae Vitis rotundifolia * muscadine Leaves Young leaves